A randomised controlled trial of energetic activity for depression in young people (READY): a multi-site feasibility trial protocol

N. Howlett1* , L. Bottoms1, A. Chater2, A. B. Clark3, T. Clarke4,6, L. David5, K. Irvine1, A. Jones6, J. Jones7, S. E. Mengoni1,5, J. Murdoch3, M. Pond3, S. Sharma1, E. J. Sims3, D. A. Turner6, D. Wellsted5, J. Wilson4,6,S. Wyatt5 and D. Trivedi7


Energy matching of a high-intensity exercise protocol with a low-intensity exercise protocol in young people

Lindsay Bottoms, Neil Howlett, Angel Chater, Andy Jones, Julia Jones, Solange Wyatt, Silvana E. Mengoni, Shivani Sharma, Karen Irvine, Daksha Trivedi & David Wellsted


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