Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to inform plans for each phase of the trial and an understanding of the challenges. It will ensure that the findings will be relevant to the services who will support implementation when research is completed.


What is a stakeholder forum?

A stakeholder forum is a group of individuals and organisations with representatives from a range of professional backgrounds as well as service users who have the experience and interest in the research. Stakeholder engagement is critical to successful clinical research as it is important to identify key issues in the various aspects of the research so that the findings are relevant to service provision.       

What will the stakeholder forum involve for the READY Trial?

Our stakeholder forum is made up of suitable people from a range of professional backgrounds and experiences of working with young people who have depression. It has representation from Active Partnerships, mental health charities and voluntary organisations, NHS Mental Health Trusts, Healthwatch, public health teams, clinicians and commissioners.  

The purpose of the group is to provide expert input and support to the following aspects of the research process:  

  • Design 
  • Recruitment  
  • Delivery of interventions 
  • Dissemination of findings  

Stakeholders bring a wide range of expertise about what it is like for young people and their families to manage depression and/or the mental health system and/or aspects related to the engagement of exercise and physical activity. Their engagement can ensure that the final results of the research process, if exercise is a useful treatment for depression, can be used by the wider community to support development of provision of exercise for young people across a wider range of providers.  

How often do the group get together?

The stakeholder forum will meet twice per year. For the initial feasibility phase, we will be holding a workshop during the recruitment period and another towards the end of the feasibility phase. If the READY Trial is successful in going to main trial, there will be more meetings across the trial period. If interested stakeholders cannot attend the workshops in person due to workload capacity, we are also keen for contributions in other ways such as an email reference group.  

What should I do if I would like some more information or am interested in being a part of the READY Trial Stakeholder Forum?

If you would like some more information about the stakeholder engagement and are interested in being  part of the group please get in touch with us via we would love to hear from you! 

Thank you to our already engaged stakeholders


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